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weight-management-new-yorkTrifecta Health Medical Center in Manhattan New York offers Weight Loss or Weight Gain treatments targeted to a patient’s symptoms and tailored to their schedule.

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Trifecta Health Medical Center treating your weight issues not as an isolated problem, but as multi-dimensional complex. Trifecta’s professionals  engaging all tools available to us and passed to you as our patients. 360 degree treatment from medication management to special diets, nutritional counseling and even non-surgical cosmetic targeted stubborn fat removal by Coolsculpting.

Trifecta is honored to endorse our new member – Judith Townsend PA-C, MHA. Judith Townsend is a nationally board certified physician assistant with a Master’s of Science degree and is a PA from the Rutgers University School for Health Related Professions and a Master’s in Health Administration from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Judi has a unique background in obesity medicine and  worked from 2006 – 2014 with Dr. Louis Aronne, a world renowned expert on obesity and its treatments.

Now HCG Diet offered by Trifecta Health

HCG Diet for Weight Loss in NYC

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring substance in a pregnant woman. When used in tandem with exercise and  a healthy, low calorie diet, HCG can help aid weight loss.

The HCG diet is not one to be taken lightly. Injections are available with a prescription only and are delivered by a trained New York doctors at Trifecta Health after a thorough consultation.

The HCG diet is not FDA approved. However, there is much research to support it.

Some positive side effects have also become associated with HCG therapy. These include:

  •  A greater amount of energy
  •  A clearer mind
  •  Better sleep
  •  Improved mood

Read more How our HCG Diet program works.

Lipotropic Vitamin Injections

Trifecta Health offers lipotropic injectons in NYC to help you lose weight. Lipotropic B-12 injections are composed of several vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, which are all essential for health, wellbeing, and also helps boost the general output of the liver, which we all know is key in the weight loss process. Read more about Lipotropic Injections at Trifecta Health NYC…

Depression and Weight

Weight-ManagementMost antidepressants list weight gain as a potential side-effect.

A majority of patients taking antidepressants for a long period of time experience an increase in their weight. Frequently, the weight gain with antidepressants is very gradual and “sneaks up” on patients.

Most patients gain only a few pounds over the course of a year but this may add up after a period of many years of taking antidepressants.

Fortunately, not all antidepressants have weight gain as a side-effect. Most patients can have their antidepressant regimen optimized to reduce the risk of weight gain. Modifications to medication regimen may even help promote weight loss.

CoolSculpting at Trifecta

Coolsculpting is revolutionary new treatment to freeze unwanted fat offered at Trifecta Health in Manhattan area of NYC. Coolsculpting by ZELTIQ™ helps to lose your love handles and belly fat permanently without surgery. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling. It is safely target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat.

Call Today (212) 233-2830 for your complimentary CoolSculpting  NYC consultation. Read more how to lose weight with CoolSculpting deals in NYC.

Trifecta’s Difference

Trifecta’s clinical approach is holistic in nature. We treat each patient’s unique concerns. We attend to a patient’s mental and physical wellness by addressing each patient’s individual needs and goals, as well as symptoms.

Trifecta’s Approach to Depression and Weight


At Trifecta Health NYC, we take a careful medical and mental health history, and order necessary blood work and tests to try to identify any hormonal or vitamin deficiencies.

Frequently, correcting vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalance, combined with a correct antidepressant regiment can help patients return to their ideal body weight.

When needed, Trifecta Health NYC doctors provides prescription vitamins and lipotropic B-12 vitamin injections. In some cases, where more rapid results are desired and medically warranted, appetite suppressants may be used, following an EKG and medical work-up. Meal replacement plans are available for patients who need to reinforce their long-term commitment to wellness.

To help ensure safe and permanent weight loss we provide a body composition analysis, an estimation of resting metabolic rate and timely blood work.

At Trifecta Health NYC offices we reinforce patient success by offering nutritional and life-style advice and support.


- "Our goal at Trifecta Health is to get your life back, so take the next step, and give us a call to set up a consultation with a trained professional today!"